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Change in your circumstances but still want to stay connected as a teaching member? If you are not dance teaching and are eligible for RAD Registered Teacher status, then our new membership category, RAD Teacher (inactive), could be a more suitable option for you. As an RAD Teacher you will stay connected to the RAD, receiving a selection of benefits that will help support you whilst you take a permanent or temporary break from dance teaching of one year or more.

This category suits FoE Graduates that are taking a break before they start dance teaching, people that are working in other sectors and no longer dance teaching, people in full-time education, not currently working, on maternity, paternity, adoption leave or retired.

RAD Teacher fee £82/€92 
Reduced rate £41/€46
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If you are taking a break from teaching dance but want to stay up to date with all of the latest information and resources then click the link below to complete your application, it only takes a few minutes.
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As an RAD Teacher you will maintain access to our online Members' Area where you can access all of the information you need. You will also be kept up-to-date with regular e-newsletters and copies of the all-new digital Dance Gazette. Keep connected to the dance teaching profession with access to our Global Jobs Board, CPD courses and key teaching resources.


Save 10% with the RAD Shop both online and in store, plus receive substantial discounts on CPD courses, and 20% off dance studio and room bookings. You will also get access to Hospital and Medical Care at competitive rates (UK and Ireland only).

The following inactive dance teachers are eligible for RAD Teacher at the full rate:

  • Working, but not in dance teaching

The following inactive dance teachers are eligible for RAD Teacher at the reduced rate:

  • In full-time education (proof required)
  • Not currently working (proof required)
  • On maternity/paternity/adoption leave (proof required)
  • Retired (proof required)
  • Over age 65

Register with us

If you start teaching again, it is a simple process to register as a professional dance teacher with us, subject to the eligibility criteria at the time of application. As an RAD Registered Teacher you will be listed on our register of RAD dance teachers, you can enter students for RAD exams, use the RAD RTS post-nominal and be featured on our Find a Teacher map; you will need to upgrade to RAD Registered Teacher status to enjoy these professional benefits.

Membership Terms and Conditions apply.

All RAD Members must adhere to the Code of Conduct.

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