RAD Teachers’ Hardship Fund

The Teachers’ Hardship Fund supports RAD Registered Teachers to ensure that they can continue to play a vital role in introducing ballet to people across the globe and training the professional dancers of the future.

The Hardship Fund provides a reduction in subscription fees for active teaching members, allowing them to carry on doing the incredible work they do every day.

The RAD gratefully thanks Imogen and Chris Knight, for their generous support of the Teachers’ Hardship Fund, which will enable more RAD Teachers experiencing hardship to continue with their membership.

Photo by Richard Allen

Key Dates

We recommend that you apply one month prior to your membership renewal date. We will, however, accept applications after this date if there are funds available.

We advise that applicants to the Teachers’ Hardship Fund do not pay their membership fee until we have reviewed the application and informed you of the outcome. This will ensure that the correct payment is made.

How can it help you?

The RAD Teachers’ Hardship Fund could offer you a reduced rate for your membership subscription. If awarded, the Fund will cover 25% of your fees with the other 75% payable by you.

If you are thinking about cancelling your membership due to financial pressures, you are encouraged to apply.

Who is eligible to apply?

Teachers worldwide can apply to the fund, you must be able to prove that you are in financial hardship when applying.

We will accept the following reasons for applications:

  • critical illness or bereavement which has impacted on earnings
  • cost of living, inflation or financial crisis in your country of residence
  • unemployment or other financial hardship
  • impact of COVID-19, natural disaster or extreme weather

You may also qualify under other circumstances of financial hardship.

Furthermore, you should have held professional teaching status with the RAD for a minimum of 1 year and have paid your subscription in full* for the previous membership year.

*If you received the Hardship Fund in 2022/23, you are still eligible to apply in 2023/24 if you paid the remaining balance after being awarded the Hardship Fund reduction.

How to apply

Download a copy of the policy and procedures and application form.

When providing information to support your application, please outline in as much detail as possible the specifics of your financial situation. Relevant dated evidence must be attached in support of the application, e.g. a letter from a doctor, employer or social security office or evidence of a loss in earnings such as bank statements or payslips. All information received will be treated confidentially.

You can only submit one application per year to the Fund.

Please note that the funds are limited and we may not be able to fulfil every application.

Please do not attempt to pay your membership fee before or during your application to the Fund, or while you are waiting to hear the outcome of your application.

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