Benesh president, ambassadors, patrons, panels and groups

A who’s who of Benesh

Pictured above is the Benesh Choreologist meeting held on 6 January 2018 when Benesh International was born!

Left to right: Julie Bonnet, Caroline Palmer, Lorraine Gregory, Amanda Eyles, Patricia Thierney, Liz Cunliffe, Eiko Matsuda, Anders Ivarson, Anna Trévien, Grant Coyle, Gregory Mislin, Jane Elliott. Missing from the picture and attending remotely were: Eliane Mirzabekiantz, Diana Curry, Romain Panassié, Fabien Monrose, Charlotte Siepora, Iris Tang, Sonia Tinnes, Irene Thomas, Maria Jimenez.

Christopher Wheeldon, President

“I decided to take on the role of President of Benesh International because I firmly believe that BMN is still the most accurate way of recording the original intentions of the choreographer. Most of my works for The Royal Ballet have been recorded in BMN and have subsequently been staged around the world using it as the source for the original choreography.”


Our Benesh International ambassadors support our work by promoting it.


Li Cuxin


Tamara Rojo


Our patrons are people and institutions that support us financially.

The Benesh Board of Studies

  • Diana Curry
  • Anders Ivarsson
  • Kendra Johnson
  • Victoria Watts (Chair)

The Benesh Technical Advisory Panel (BenTAP)

  • Amanda Eyles
  • Anders Ivarsson
  • Diana Curry
  • Eleonora Demichelis
  • Eliane Mirzabekiantz
  • Gregory Mislin
  • Kendra Johnson (Chair)
  • Liz Cunliffe
  • Rhonda Ryman
  • Robyn Hughes Ryman
  • Romain Panassie