Benesh International Courses

Find out more about our courses and qualifications in Benesh Movement Notation.

Professional Certificate in Benesh Movement Notation (PCBMN)

This part-time distance learning programme provides a thorough grounding in the principles and usage of the Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) system for all those with…
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Professional Diploma in Benesh Movement Notation (PDBMN)

PDBMN is the highest taught award in Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) which prepares students to become a Professional Benesh Choreologist. It equips students with the…
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Score Reading for Dancers (SRFD)

This award is delivered and examined in weekly lessons over two years at vocational schools and colleges by Benesh International. The programme aims to provide…
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Benesh for Beginners

This flexible distance learning course can be studied by anyone looking for an introduction to Benesh Movement Notation. It is particularly suitable for RAD teachers…
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Introductory CPD courses

The RAD CPD department offer a variety of starter courses in Benesh Movement Notation (BMN), in addition to the Benesh Movement Notation for Ballet distance…
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Benesh Movement Notation for Clinicians

Clinicians can use BMN as: a recording tool for ‘shop floor' assessment and reassessment, a research tool in conjunction with instrumentation methods, to record clinical…
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