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Find out more about our courses and qualifications in Benesh Movement Notation.

Score Reading for Dancers (SRFD)

This award is delivered and examined in weekly lessons over two years at vocational schools and colleges by Benesh International. The programme aims to provide…
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Professional Award in Benesh Movement Notation (PABMN)

This part time distance learning programme provides a thorough grounding in the principles and usage of the Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) system for all those…
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Postgraduate Diploma in Benesh Movement Notation (PGDBMN)

PGDBMN is the highest taught award in Benesh Movement Notation (BMN), designed as a postgraduate diploma, which prepares students to become a Professional Benesh Choreologist.…
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Introductory CPD courses

The RAD CPD department offer a variety of starter courses in Benesh Movement Notation (BMN), in addition to the Benesh Movement Notation for Ballet distance…
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Benesh Movement Notation for Ballet (BMN for Ballet)

The Benesh Movement Notation for Ballet distance learning course is intended for anyone who wishes to learn about Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) within a ballet context. It is…
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Benesh Advanced Short Courses (ASC)

The Benesh Advanced Short Courses are a series of online courses intended for the Continual Professional Development (CPD) of Benesh Choreologists and Benesh graduates. The…
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Benesh exams

Benesh Exams is an exciting new initiative enabling students to develop skills in writing, reading, construction and comprehension through Benesh Movement Notation. The format includes…
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Benesh Movement Notation for Clinicians

Clinicians can use BMN as: a recording tool for ‘shop floor' assessment and reassessment, a research tool in conjunction with instrumentation methods, to record clinical…
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Between the lines: The Art of Choreology

Benesh International Congress has been postponed to 2021. Find out more.
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