12 March 2021 11:00

Dance Mums

Those that dance regularly will be familiar with the term ‘dance family’ and last year so many dance teachers worked tirelessly to keep their students connected, inspired and dancing from home. Which is no small feat.

Photo: fizkes/shutterstock.com

Conversely, the term ‘Dance Mum’ (‘Dance Mom’) has all sorts of negative connotations of pushy, controlling and hyper-competitive matriarchs.

BUT the RAD is taking the term back and redefining what it is to be a Dance Mum. As we approach Mother’s Day in the UK, we want to pay tribute to all the mums (and stepmothers, grandmothers and caregivers) who have quietly supported their children this year, turning their living rooms and kitchens into studios.

What Dance Mums really are:

Kind – they make healthy snacks to keep your energy up between driving you from dance class to dance class.

Resourceful – they can sew ribbons on to anything and have an endless supply of hair pins and safety pins in their bag at all times. 

Creative – They are hair stylists, makeup artists and costume designers all rolled in to one mother-shaped package. 

Supportive – they are always there when you fall and cheer you on to do your best in exams, shows and competitions, or your dance degree.

We want to encourage you to thank them for all their support and motivation. Tell us about the attributes you want to thank your Mum or mother-figure for. If you head over to our Instagram page on Mother’s Day (Sunday), you could win a prize by telling us who you would like to thank.