18 March 2023 - 19 March 2023 10:00

Pointe workshop weekend w/ students and teachers (Norway)

This weekend workshop is for teachers and their students to both get better at pointe work, together.

On Saturday the teachers will do the workshop, Pointe Work: From Beginners and Beyond, with Emily Koschyk as tutor. As you have brought some of your vocational/advanced students the focus will be more on their level, but the course will be as it is stated.

At the same time the students will have a ballet class and a pointe class next door with teachers from the Opera Ballet School.

On Sunday  Emily Koschyk will teach the students and the teachers will watch. Here we will be able to look at each students and try to get through their weakness and strength. We will have both free exercises and exercises from the syllabus and work on them. It will be useful if the students know all their pointe exercises and dances for their upcoming exam.

*Teachers can come even if you do not have students to bring

*Students can also come without their teacher.

Teachers: Pointe Work: From Beginners and Beyond

This one day practical workshop is designed to increase a ballet teacher’s confidence and knowledge of teaching pointe work to students at different stages of training. The workshop charts preparation and training progressions which underpin the requisites of pointe work. Participants will be introduced to, and explore through discussion, the vocabulary of pointe work from Intermediate Foundation through to more advanced levels of training. Examples of training exercises which prepare students for the progressive demands of pointe work, as well as strategies for implementing training exercises, will be explored. 


The aims of this workshop are to: 

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the evolution of pointe shoes and the fitting and maintenance of pointe shoes;
  • Improve the participants’ knowledge and understanding of pointe work with a particular focus on how to prepare and train pointe work across different stages of training and proficiency;
  • Share and discuss ideas on creating and teaching preparatory exercises, training exercises and pointe work enchaînements. 



10:00 –  11:30 Ballet Class with demi pointe work


12:15 – 14:00 Pointe work

Sunday  (aprox)

11:00 – 12:00 Ballet Class

12:45 – 14:15 Syllabus Work (pointe)

14:30 -15:30:00 Pointe work technique



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Key Information

Level Time Duration Fee Closing Date
Vocational 10:00 1- 2 days Teachers:
14th March, Pointe Work: From Beginners and Beyond
Members: 1250,- NOK
Non Members 1500,- NOK
Full weekend Workshop:
Members: 1850,- NOK
Non Members 2250,- NOK

Full weekend: 1000,- NOK
Sunday Only: 600,- NOK
Saturday only 600,- NOK
1 March 2023 12:00am

Who can attend?


Students:  Intermediate and above

How to apply

Students and teachers can apply separately, or teachers can apply for themselves and their students and be invoiced together.