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Cancel, add or change a class

Notice should be given in writing to the Dance School administration - please take note of published deadlines when withdrawing from a class.

Requesting a change of class/es

If you would like to change or attend an additional class, please email the Dance School Officer Rhiannon Haworth at  

Please include the following information:

  • Student name
  • ID Number (if known)
  • Class/es you currently attend
  • New class/es you wish to attend

Alternatively, please complete the following form:

Please note: The deadline for change of class and additional class requests for the Autumn Term (2018) is Monday 9 July. Any requests received after this date will be processed for the following term. 


To withdraw from a class/es, please fill out the following form:

 The withdrawal deadline for the Autumn Term (2018) is Monday 25 June. Withdrawals received after this time are subject to a fee (as per our Terms and Conditions).