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Changes to the CPD scheme

02 Feb 2016 / Tags: CPD

Changes to the CPD scheme
As you are aware, we’ve been reviewing the scheme to make sure that the model is right for both the RAD and for its members.

The review took place in two stages, with a membership survey and a series of member focus groups. This was followed by an independent review.

This review highlighted a number issues and the final report made several recommendations for change. A proposal to implement some of these was approved by the Board of Trustees on 17 December.

For implementation in the 2016/17 CPD year:

  • A reduction of the annual minimum CPD requirement from 24 to 20 hours made up of
    • a minimum of 10 hours of time-valued CPD
    • a maximum of 10 hours of independent CPD
  • Simplifying application for an Exemption – you can now apply at the same time as your declaration
  • Simplifying the CPD model and its terminology, for example ‘Credit-rated CPD’
  • A simple visual guide to help members understand the new model
  • A focus on delivering a wider range of non-syllabus courses worldwide; working with National Managers and Directors to deliver what is important to you
  • A review of the CPD regulations for ‘non-active’ Life Teachers
  • Creating one dedicated CPD team within the RAD, ensuring that each member of staff is familiar with every aspect of the scheme (currently it is split between the CPD and membership teams)

A more detailed outline of these changes has been sent to members with Issue 1, 2016 of Dance Gazette or you can download a copy. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email them to . Alternatively, speak to the team at headquarters, your regional or national manager, director or representative.

For an informal chat about CPD, find your local CPD Ambassador

Shona Cameron says:
03 Feb 2016 06:42

The simplifications should help. I'm looking forward to reading about them when the Gazette arrives

Leslie Drewitz says:
03 Feb 2016 08:36

I'm not a fan of the CPD....I spend hours, daily researching not only what I teach, but business aspects of our studio. I attend whatever RAD courses (and other courses) I can, provided dates coincide with studio/family life. With the major overhaul of the syllabus in the last few years and re-purchaing every grade/DVD/Music etc. the addition of the CPD requirements on top of what we already do to invest in our professional development, has been trying, and with the economic downturn, money is tight. Especially higher level students paying $300+ for exam entry (yes, they can be a member, but it's basically the same price if taking one exam per year). Therefore, in a time where we are experiencing lay offs and it's directly affecting our business, the CPD is putting on more pressure than is already there.

Gabriela Nicolescu says:
03 Feb 2016 10:49

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for your comments.

We appreciate the effort of all RAD Registered Teachers to meet CPD requirements and, to assist them, we have amended the scheme to better serve their professional and personal needs. Please do have a look at the changes in the scheme (a link is in the article above): we believe we have improved the scheme and addressed some of the concerns that you have raised, for example by reducing the number of hours required.

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch, your feedback as well as the feedback of all our members, is invaluable to us to shape the RAD.

Jane Mitton says:
03 Feb 2016 09:28

I do not receieve a paper copy of the Gazette as a life member. Where can i find the details of the changes to CPD? I have searxhed the website and Gazette on line but with no luck.
Thank you

Gabriela Nicolescu says:
03 Feb 2016 10:46

Hello Jane,
We have just uploaded the PDF version of the changes to the CPD scheme to this webpage. The hardcopy of this document was mailed out together with Dance Gazette to our members worldwide. It is not in the magazine itself but is mailed in the same package. Depending where you live, the package should arrive within the next few days. If you do not receive your package, please get in touch with us at Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Teacher says:
06 Feb 2016 05:11

It would be nice for those of us taking further education (MA in dance education ) in my case to have at least some bankable cpd hours. The amount of time taken to undertake something so relevant to our profession shouldn't be only awarded 20 hours per year. Perhaps this could be looked at? Won't help me as I'm finishing this spring but maybe others?

Gabriela Nicolescu says:
08 Feb 2016 15:35

Thank you for your question. You can indeed bank on some CPD hours, depending exactly on the nature of what you are studying. Please see this link for more information and e-mail if you have any specific query.

Veronica Rossetti says:
11 Feb 2016 09:11

I think that the internet courses are an excellent idea, it means that one doesn't necessarily have to spend ones, often very limited 'family time', travelling somewhere else to do an external course. I think one should be allowed to transfer hours from one year to the next if one has a surplus, I find myself sometimes choosing my courses on the basis of how many hours I need and not on which course interests me most.

Amanda Warwick says:
25 Jul 2016 13:04

I am still confused as to whether a certain percentage of the work must be done at the RAD, or can be included from other societies as time honoured, and what if you want to plan for all time honoured work? Each time I have been at a course the representative has come along to meet us and told us something different. I am trying to renew my first aid but the course was cancelled.

Gabriela Nicolescu says:
26 Jul 2016 12:23

Hello Amanda! The RAD offers a flexible scheme that allows teachers to choose the CPD that best suits their individual situation, whether you would like to focus on teaching activities or CPD activities that help support your dance teaching business, e.g. web building, marketing, First Aid or Health and Safety. The choice is very much an individual decision. Teachers do not have to do RAD CPD, they can take part in CPD offered by other organisations as long as the activity meets the following criteria:
The activity must have:
• clearly stated aims and objectives
• demonstrable learning outcomes
• be relevant to your dance teaching career
• be able to be evidenced
If you would like further information, do contact the CPD team at, and they would be very happy to help. Best wishes!

Veronique Foy says:
13 Jan 2017 18:40
Hi ,we just completed a PBT course at headquarters ..Could you let me know how many hours of time valued CPD this course covers??
Many Thanks ,
Véronique Foy
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