Sarah Platt (Ballet and Repertoire)

Sarah Platt (Ballet and Repertoire)

Sarah Platt

PGDT (Dance), B.Phil (Hons), RAD RTS, FIDTA, RAD Dip; Dance Ex Dip; Anat Dip

Sarah has always trained with the Royal Academy of Dance, from childhood grades, through the Teacher Training College (as it was then known) and their first distance learning degree course: Bachelor of Philosophy in Ballet and Contextual studies, into Postgraduate education in Dance Teaching.

With 25 years experience of teaching and managing her private sector dance school, research in ‘Inclusive Dance Practice’ at Postgraduate level instigated an interest in more diverse teaching. Practice based research with the Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing project in 2012 initiated an interest and speciality in teaching older learners. She presented at the Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing conference (2013), and was involved with further research and mentoring teachers on the second phase of the project culminating in 2017.

Sarah was instrumental in implementing the Silver Swans Ballet classes at RAD headquarters, and current teaching in the lifelong learning sector ranges from Silver Swans and Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing to chair based dance classes for those with Alzheimers and additional needs. She has presented on behalf of the RAD on many occasions, e.g. with Silver Swan ambassador Angela Rippon, at Healthy Ageing: The Grand Challenge Conference (2019), and was delighted to receive the RAD Advocacy Dance Teacher Award in 2020.

Enjoying a varied teaching programme, she also delivers CPD, tutors, mentors and supervises trainee teachers in a range of dance teaching aspects, including primary school education, traditional classical ballet classes and those developing their teaching with older learners in a variety of contexts.