Resources to support you

Below are a variety of resources aimed at supporting students, parents and teachers on their journey in dance.

Advice and inspiration

  • Matthew Lawrence, RAD’s Australian Male Dance Ambassador about his experience of being the only male dancer in a sea of pink.
  • Boys in Ballet, by Matthew Lawrence.
  • Winner of the Project B Dance Challenge, James Bamford, shares his perspective on the stigma surrounding boys in dance.
    Watch the video.
  • A teenager who took up dancing on the advice of his singing teacher has stunned some of the biggest names in ballet.
  • Famous male stars with a background in ballet
    A BBC article highlighting male stars who have a background in ballet, including Rio Ferdinand and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Mentoring for Dancers, Teachers and Choreographers
    One Dance UK offers mentoring schemes for dancers, teachers and choreographers.


If you are looking to host a workshop in your dance school that addresses masculinity, boys and bullying, RAD strongly recommends working with Good Lad Initiative. Good Lad Initiative is a UK-based organisation that provides participant-focused workshops in order to create awareness of and consider solutions to the rigid gender stereotypes that affect teenage boys. If you are interested in hosting a workshop that places boys at the centre of the conversation, please visit the Good Lad Initiative website.

For teachers

  • Advice from Matthew Lawrence on teaching boys. Read here.
  • Preventing Bullying online CPD course
    This online programme aims to help you understand, recognise and prevent bullying behaviour – who may be affected, the effects of bullying, and how to prevent bullying in organisations, as well as what you can do as an individual to play your part. This online activity is worth 4 hours of Time-Valued CPD and can be completed in your own time. Find more information and book your place.