60 seconds with… Rodrigo Peroni, Admissions Officer

What are your main duties as Admissions Officer?

I oversee the application process for all Faculty of Education programmes of study, including university-validated and RAD Awards. This includes setting up interviews and auditions, keeping both paper and electronic records, sending offer letters (and rejections). I am also the first point of contact for prospective students; so I advise dozens of undecided applicants weekly on the best route to becoming an RAD teacher, right up until they enrol on one of our programme.

What are the most common queries that you receive from applicants?

Are there scholarships available? We have some (mostly partial) bursaries, but as we are a charity, we just cannot offer a significant amount of bursaries.

What is the quickest way of getting RTS?

It will depend on what qualifications and experience the applicant has, but it usually takes a minimum of 2 years (part-time study).

How can I learn the RAD Syllabus?

Only the Licentiate of the RAD (LRAD) focuses specifically on the RAD syllabus. Our courses are designed to support our students on how to teach.

Your role is central to guiding prospective students through the process of applying up until they come onto programme. How do you support the prospective students?

I help prospective students by giving advice on accommodation, planning their prospective student/course expense and a new study routine (especially for distance-learning course, where a lot of self-directed study is expected). I am also very clear with each step of the application process and deadlines, so they know what to expect next.

The best part is advising prospective BA(Hons) Ballet Education international students, as their questions might be tricky – especially when the UKVI/Home Office is included! Nevertheless, when a student is committed, they are willing to relocate for pursuing their education.

What top tips would you give to the prospective applicants looking to apply for one of our programmes?

Apply early: if there is anything further we need from you, this means more time for us process your application, and for you to prepare any additional materials we might need.

And, lastly – read our website and prospectus carefully!

Interested in one of our programmes? Take a look at our Find a programme page to see what programme would be best suited for you. For more information on applying, see the guidelines Before You Apply.

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