What drives candidates to apply for the competition?

For many young dancers, competing in this competition is a dream come true. Seven of this year’s candidates tell us what drove them to apply.

‘I heard that the Genée was a very friendly and nurturing competition and I knew it would be a brilliant experience, as well as a very good competition.’- Jessica Templeton, UK


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‘Since I started ballet, it has always been a dream of mine to participate in the Genée International Ballet Competition. When I was 3 years old, one of my granny’s pupils was attending the Genée in London and she gave me all of her old practise tutus. Ever since that day when I was running around with a tutu 10 sizes too big, ballet has been my passion and the Genée has been one of my goals.’ – Tayla De Bie, South Africa

‘My coach Miss Prudence Bowen who recently passed away, lived and breathed the Royal Academy of Dance and she passed this love and passion for ballet and the RAD on to me. She inspired me every minute of every day and always talked highly of the competition. Since she started coaching me at the age of 7, many of the senior girls in my small school participated and won medals at the Genée, they also inspired me to apply for the it. 7-year-old me wanted to be just like the big girls and one day be a part of the Genée.’ – Primrose Kern, Australia


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‘I like to push myself as a dancer, which includes setting goals, and one of my goals this past year was to qualify to take part in the Genée. I really wanted to take part in this unique competition experience and have the chance to meet dancers from around the world, work with renowned choreographers and teachers, and work towards perfecting three solos.’ – Alyssa Churchill, Canada

‘My sister competed in the Sydney Genée in 2016 and loved the entire experience.’ – Jade Marquez, Australia

‘I won the RAD South East Awards Day 4 years ago and the prize was a ticket to watch the Genée finals in London (2015). I decided then that I would also love to be part of the competition and dance on stage at a future Genée competition.’ – Anya Mercer, UK


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‘The Genée International Ballet Competition has been a goal of mine for many years. It is an opportunity to perform and to learn from some amazing world-renowned teachers and to be able to apply the knowledge I have accumulated over the years from my teachers, not least being Damian Smith and Claire Campbell from National Theatre Ballet School who have worked so hard with me leading up to Genée 2019. My friends who have been previous candidates at the Genée have told me their experience at the competition was one of the greatest and most memorable.’ – Amber Mitchell-Knight, Australia